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Review of
The Passion of the Christ!

Why it doesn't matter if "the Jews" killed Jesus Christ:

If Christians (and I devoutly am one) truly believe that the mystery of Christ involves the necessity of His dying for our sins and being resurrected, then those that did participate in the sentencing and the death of Jesus of Nazareth were necessarily part of the plan!

Be it a plot of the Jews (or an handful thereof), a political ploy of the Romans (or a handful thereof), a whim of Pontius Pilate himself, it just doesn't matter. Jesus died for the sins of ALL PEOPLE, as was His plan, as was the part of His Passion!

Any Christian who blames Jews for the "murder" of Christ just isn't paying attention. Any Christian who blames the Romans for the "murder" of Christ just isn't getting what He did! Anyone who condemns Pontius Pilate for presiding over the Death of Christ is missing the Point! The Lord could not be resurrected without a physical Death!

The Jews, or whoever else, should not be derided in any way, whether or not it is believed one small part of that large, large group had anything to do with that death... (I don't buy the "blood libel" as relating to Jews in General, if anyone, by the way)... but rather should be neutrally recognized as being a part of the Divine Plan of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Should He not have died for our sins, we would not be Christians at all, as this is among the most important cornerstones of the Faith of Christians anywhere. Anti-Semitism toward our Jewish Sisters and Brothers is not only Misguided, but directly Blasphemous toward the Holy Intentions of God!

Furthermore, anyone with any intelligence can decry prejudices based on the actions of one part of one group committed centuries ago. By the same logic shouldn't all white people be derided for the murder of Martin Luther King? By this Logic shouldn't every Texan be derided for the death of JFK? Shouldn't I hate every single motorist on this planet because my Cat was run over by a car back in 1995?

Or by that same logic, shouldn't every Jew be exalted on high because Jesus and all Twelve Disciples were also one small part of one big Jewish group two thousand years ago who were ALSO a part of the Plan?

Obviously the answer to all these questions is No. So I say to anyone who takes away anti-Semitism from Gibson's The Passion of the Christ that for more reasons than I can count, you're doing a grave disservice to your own faith, much, much more than you are to any of our honorable Jewish Sisters and Brothers.