Serenity Fan Fest Pictures

To be fair, I'm having to lean over the table and twist to be in the pics with these people... I'm fat, but I'm not this fat!
The MULE of Serenity
Just outside of the Exhibit room, we were greeted by the Mule itself, Serenity's own Work Horse, in the Flesh... well, STEEL!
The Alex of the Mule
You could say that I took another photograph just to show you the scale by putting a live human being in the shot... or you could just think... Man, he loves his kid!
What a face!
The first thing we saw when we walked in, the Real Serenity. She's approximately the length of a small car.
What a BODY!
There she is... Close enough to touch... but dare I?
It's a treasure trove, boys!
Bound by Law five times, but still too much class to rip these off! Reaver Stars and Jayne himself here!
River Tam... got any ID?
For all you people keeping a file on River Tam!
ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM, yeah zoom zoom zoom!
Get one now, everybody's got one, they're almost gone, it's the new Mirandamobile 6000, now available at 1.9% Financing on approved credit! Nicely equipped!
The Kid Goes Wild... she loves China too!
Alex visits Inara, but turns down a chance to "study". She'd rather be a writer!
Still taking that Tour!
Right there on the Set... She lit one incense... turns out it wasn't Incense... boom, boom, boom!
One grainy internal shot of THE PANEL, with Loni, Yan, Rafael, Chris, Summer and Adam!
A photo of the JumboTron of Sweet Summer
Taking a picture of Summer Glau speaking to the crowd on the Jumbotron is the event that, more than anything, caused me to buy my new digital camera!!!
Love the Panel!
Lights, Please??? I honestly took this one because Summer Glau has nice legs!
Take a Camera Phone, Get Excited, Clap, Jump, Cheer, and have not nearly as much interest in Summer Glau's legs as your Dad does, and the picture might look a little something... like this!
Again, NOT THIS FAT! But doesn't he look like I smell bad?
On to the Meet and Greet! This is me with Adam Baldwin. Leaning halfway over the table because he stood. Nice guy!
Leaning with the Alien. She's so sweet!
Summer Glau indulging me for a picture. I looked like a safe enough guy from below... but leaning over the table like this? Rodney the Hutt!
Mingo, Fanty, FATTY!
At this point, I was being rushed along by Security and had to quick lean to let Yan and Rafael meet the World's Fattest Critic! Next time, I'm going BEHIND the table!
J.C., Loni, Chris... hardly Peers!
This is me (left) with Loni Peristere (middle) and Christopher Buchanan (right). Both were incredibly nice guys, and were the only ones I took pictures with who didn't look like they smelled something funny. Scroll up, you'll see! Truly, you should have seen some of the folks there. Man!
Post it, Notworthy!
The Cast and Crew signed a Souvenir card, and we were given several free posters. I incorporated both into a frame (pictured). By this time, I had a chance at reviewing the photos, and realized I didn't belong in A SINGLE OTHER ONE!
Post it, Notworthy!
The Serenity Roll Playing Game, autographed by the Cast, Crew, and yes, even Authors. You also get a better look at the signature card, and the Big A!