1. MANIAC (USA, 1980)... this one pissed off a loooooooot of people. But I guess the DPP didn't mind it that much... not as much as this next flick...
  2. FRIDAY the 13TH PART 2 (USA, 1982)... was a bloody mess, but it didn't make the list, even though its prequel was also investigated...
  3. FRIDAY THE 13TH (USA, 1980)... was a bloody nasty video... but wasn't a Video Nasty.
  4. CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (1980)... But then, Fulci was over represented here anyway.
  5. APOCALYPSE NOW (1979)... I hear this one was an honest mistake. I'm thinking the cops were raiding and they were like "Dude, Apocalypse Now... let's, um... confiscate this (SO WE CAN WATCH IT)!"
  6. ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (1980)... The title alone probably led to its seizure, considering the fact that it sounds like so many other nasties!
  7. ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE (1980)... How this one escaped, I'll never know... unless it was just because the female lead was too beautiful to ban!
  8. Re-Animator (1985)... the mixture of Nudity and Death along with all kinds of other extremes certainly struck the British Authorities as NASTY... but this one was never actually added to the list!