1. MANGIATI VIVI (Italia, 1980)... this flick not only rips off Video Nasties, not only incorporates stolen footage from other video nasties, but even has the same name as another Video Nasty... Eaten Alive!
  2. MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (Italia, 1985)... was realeased in the UK as Cannibal Ferox II, as a phony sequel to one of the video nasties... not so smart, seeing as how the first one was BANNED and all! Who would see it?
  3. DAWN OF THE DEAD (USA/ Italia, 1978/79)... spawned many an official and unnoficial sequel... some of the unofficial ones became Video Nasties!
  4. HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH (USA, 1982)... the UK distributors of this flick heavily edited the damned thing hoping to avoid becoming a Video Nasty. Who cares?
  5. SCHOCK (ITALIA/ 1977)... Has been packaged as a "DVD Double Feature" with the Video Nasty Possession!