1. Night of the Living Dead still has Bite!
    The Classic Zombie Thriller worth its weight in Carpentry! (Buy It Now!)
  2. Dawn of the Dead LIVES!
    How many people wanna
    KICK SOME ASS!?!?!? (Buy It Now!)
  3. Day of the Dead rises to it!
    The Daily Dawning of Night across the Land! (Buy It Now!)
  4. Land of the Dead is a Killer!!
    The best Zombie flick since Romero said "Hell, why not?" (Buy It Now!)
  5. Diary of the Dead... Documents the END!
    It's time to SHOOT the armies of the Undead. (Buy It Now!)
  6. Survival of the Dead... Shoot-Out at the DECAY CORRAL! (Buy It Now!)
  7. Zombi 2... The dead should've stayed dead!
    Lucio, you rule... but only for the nudity you threw in here! (Buy It Now!)
  8. Zombi 3... Did we REALLY need this crap?!
    Numero Trois! It's like a Hemorrhoid on the eyelid! (Buy It Now!)
  9. Zombie 4... Sucky-McSuck-Sucks!
    This one is EVIL... Not the Zombies... The Film Makers!!! (Buy It Now!)
  10. Zombie 5: Killing Birds!
    The only Birds here are those the AUDIENCE flips at the Screen! (Buy It Now!)
  11. Zombie 6: Monster Hunter... has nothing to do with ANYTHING! (Buy It Now!)
  12. Slither... The Worms are Among Us!
    They didn't rise again because of VooDoo, radiation, bites, or magic tricks, but they're still Zombies, man... DEAL WITH IT PINK BOY! (Buy It Now!)
  13. Shaun of the Dead... Spot on! RED spot on!
    The Send Up even Romero can Endorse! (Buy It Now!)
  14. Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill!
    From the most derivative Movie Company in History... a 1/4-way Decent Splatter Flique!!! (Buy It Now!)
  15. Nightmare City: Aptly Titled Movie!
    Good old Umberto and his Female Fears strikes the Bloated Zombie genre! (Buy It Now!)
  16. Corpses: You can't Resurrect Fahey's Career
    You won't be giving thanks for this piece of Horse Shit! (Buy It Now!)
  17. Artie Saves the Hood...
    and the Underworld!

    The Super-Slacker-Sinister-Zippy-Zombie-Psycho-Short that I love more than Cheese itself! Seriously... I'm LOVIN' Artie Saves the Hood! (Buy It Now!)
  18. I, Zombie... You, Jane!
    I would call this a Filmic Accident... but then I'd have no one to BLAME! (Buy It Now!)
  19. Night of the Living Dead [The Remake]
    Tom Savini... What more could anyone ASK? (Buy It Now!)
  20. Dawn of the Dead (Remake-O-Rama) is deeply, truly dead without Dawn!
    Well S h i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t ! ! ! (Buy It Now!)
  21. Day of the Dead (Remakeocutioner) is all Military, no Intelligence!
    Well I'll be Horn Swoggled! (Buy It Now!)
  22. Dead Alive is Braindeath at its best!
    Lord of the Ring Worm! (Buy It Now!)
  23. Resident Evil Apocalypse: Fun but Dumb!!
    Damn! Vidjuh Games Din't look dis Sick when I was a Kid... Or dis HOT! (Buy It Now!)
  24. 28 Days Later... Kicks so much ass!
    The greatest movie EVER made about Scottish Zombies still Alive in London... A specialized field, I grant you! (Buy It Now!)
  25. Les Revenants [They Came Back] (If it walks like a zombie and moans like a zombie...)
    The greatest movie EVER made about French Zombies
    still alive in... actually, that's EVERY French Flick!
  26. Return of the Living Dead
    When it Absolutely Positively HAS to be reanimated and make you laugh... Here you go BABY!
  27. Hell of the Living Dead has an apt title!
    It's a Hell of a Dying Movie!
  28. Venom bites.
    He's actually a voodoo zombie brought back to life by the bite of the Undead Snakes... Uh... hell of a sentence there!
  29. The Beyond is Beyond Fulci (but still bad)
    The Big man NEVER gives up... Even when the film is silly as the lower part of a Window!
  30. The House by the Cemetery, it's derivative, but somehow inspiring!
    Also known as Zombie Hell House, this film features only one thing that is vaguely Zombie-Like, but then again, the same could be said for Zombie 5: Killing Birds, so hell! Clean this mess up, Lucio!
  31. 28 Days Later... The Soundtrack... Kneumsi Like!
    Mood Muzak 4 da UNDEAD!
  32. Phantasm: Unexpected, yet... cheap!
    Midget Zombies at the Doorway to the Nth Dimension... Who could ask for anything... less?
  33. Zombie Lake: Never let them See You Decay!
    Scary Uniforms... When Worn!
  34. City of the Living Dead, Where the Possessed go to Mingle!
    Lucio Fulci proves he's a true Auteur... half the time!
  35. Corpses Are Forever is one of the worst things I've ever seen!
    This movie is AWFUL! Just AWFUL!
  36. Dead & Buried: These Zombies look almost as good as Les Revenants
    Don't fear the Reaper... he'll send a Hot Blonde after you!
  37. Dead & Breakfast is a song all along!
    Laugh, jump and DANCE!
  38. Disney's The Haunted Mansion... Corn and Cheese, but Zombies too!
    I debated on whether to include this one or not, but Rick Baker's excellent Zombie effects allowed for the one truly excellent part of this movie, the Zombiefied Gracey Ancestors sequence. (Yeah, I know one scene doesn't make this a "Zombie Movie"... sue me!)
  39. Flesh for the Beast... Nudity for everybody else... including the beast... and it sucks... bad!
  40. Zombie Night is one terribly bad rip off that simply must be avoided!!!
  41. Undead is the Zombie Film from Down Under that is most assuredly Zomething Different!!!
  42. I Walked with a Zombie! And so will YOU!
  43. Tales from the Crypt Presents: Ritual... It's a KEEPER!
  44. Re-Animator... don't look now... everyBODY is Naked... and one of them is incredibly hot!
  45. Planet Terror... Only in the GRINDHOUSE, sweet Cherry Darling gets a LEG UP on some Evil Zombies!
  46. Friday the 13th part VI: JASON LIVES!. He was a child killer in life... after he died he became something worse. Hey, that sounds familiar!!!
  47. Shatter Dead... is indescribable.
  48. Don't Go Near The Park, lest you should unexpectedly meet up with inexplicable ZOMBIES in the final reel!
  49. Resident Evil: Extinction will save you some time... as it completely sums up all of the above.
  50. Frozen Scream A dull, poorly acted snoozer that fits into the "Zombie" genre just barely!
  51. Let Sleeping Corpses Lie... Because the TRUTH HURTS!
  52. The Evil Dead... Great things come from surprising places.
  53. Bloodeaters... Toxic Zombies on the Loose... they're STONED and they're HUNGRY!
  54. Zombi Holocaust... Paint me Excited!
  55. Versus... Samurai, Yakuza... Zombies!
  56. Lifeforce... What does it take to make a Zombie Hoarde in London? A Beautiful Naked Woman, apparently!
  57. Awaken the Dead... Grizzley Scenes... in the mind of the Government!
  58. The Other Hell... Does it count when Zombies just show the hell up at the end of a Nunsploitation Flick? (Other) Hell, why not?
  59. Mutant... Night Shadows of the Living Dead!
  60. One Dark Night... but no JOKER in sight!
  61. The Fog... Seafaring Undead BENT ON REVENGE!
  62. Night of the Creeps... and the MYSTERY DATES!
  63. Zombieland... Walking Dead from Coast to Coast!
  64. Resident Evil: Afterlife! After the Flesh, what is Next?
  65. Plan 9 from Outer Space A Vortex of BAD!
  66. Kung Fu Cannibals Zombie Ninjas who suck!