1. eXistenZ... Cool movie... but no Matrix!!!
  2. The Brothers Grimm: good but not GILLIAM Good.
  3. Bubba Ho-Tep is the funniest movie this year!
  4. Wormhole Chasers... Blinded by Beauty!
  5. Xtro Is not your Father's VIDEO NASTY! Okay, yeah, it is!
  6. PINK FLOYD's Laser Light Show is a Blast!
  7. Across the Universe... Nothing's gonna change MY WORLD!
  8. The Adventures of Hercules or... HercuCHEESE!
  9. A History of Violence and the Mystery of Silence
  10. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984/ 2006) Freddy Comes for YOU for the FIRST time!
  11. Apartment 206... Filmed in 106!
  12. Artie Saves the Hood... and his underwear!
  13. Audrey Rose - reinCORNated
  14. Basic Instinct 2... Basicly It Stinks Too!
  15. Battle Royale... Island of the Kill Kids!
  16. Bay Coven (Bay Cove)... As TV as TV Movies Get!!!
  17. Begleiter Definitely doesn't get a DOG!!!
  18. The Beyond is Beyond Fulci (but still bad)
  19. The Birds II: Land's End (1994) FLIP THESE BIRDS! (The World's Greatest Critic)
  20. The Blood Spattered Bride... Trust me, I'd choose the Blond too!
  21. Brick... builds to a great finish.
  22. Bride of Frankenstein - SHE'S ALIVE... and she's HOT!
  23. what is B*R*O*K*E*N... really, what?
  24. Bronx Executioner... Not so Final after all, was it?
  25. Cabin Fever... Spreading the DISEASE?
  26. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a Gobstopper
  27. City of the Living Dead: been there, done that!
  28. Cube 2: HYPERCUBE... The Cube Squared
  29. Dead Birds - Hatchlings of the Corn.
  30. Dead Silence... Yeah I Saw Saw, Dummy!
  31. Domino Falls Flat a tile at a time!
  32. Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut (2004) Even Better than the Original!
  33. Dune... All hail Lynch's worst movie!
  35. FIGHT CLUB (Breaking the first and second rules)!!!
  36. Frankenstein - It's ALIVE! It's STILL alive!
  37. Frozen Scream Is a Stone Cold VIDEO NASTY!
  38. Ginger Snaps... Bites, Eats, HOWLS and looks HOT!
  39. Halloween III: Season of the Witch... Screw you, Michael!
  40. Go straight to HELLboy!
  41. Human Experiments Is a Washed Out VIDEO NASTY!
  42. Inferno Is the SECOND MOTHER of the VIDEO NASTIES!
  43. The Invisible Man... You should really SEE him!
  44. Lady in the Water - Plop Plop Fizz Fizz
  45. Lady Vengeance... That woman deserves her revenge!
  46. Limbo is a Classic Film Noir Cul De Sac!
  48. The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue Is a VIDEO NASTY!
  49. Lost in La Mancha is a Funny Tragedy!
  50. LovecraCked! The Movie... Will HP be Highly Pissed??
  51. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events... Very!
  52. The Matrix Reloaded gets 4.5 stars!
  53. The Matrix IS A REVOLUTION
  54. The Mist... has it been missed?
  55. Morgane et ses Nymphes... Welcome to Lesbos Isle II
  56. Mulholland Drives me crazy! (Brother Kneumsi... The World's Greatest Critic!)
  57. Night at the Museum... But not of the Living Dead
  58. Nosferatu, The ORIGINAL Vampire Never Fades Away!!!
  59. Nosferatu the Vampyre - He Sucks, He Bites, He Never Blows!
  60. El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)... An Amazing Maze!!!
  61. Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End (That hasn't yet ceased to be what I'm...
  62. Come on Pixies, you know I love you!
  63. Possession Is a VIDEO NASTY with Eight Arms to HOLD you!
  64. The Quiet Earth... Heard of it?
  65. Ratatouille... Being John MalkoVintageFieldMouse!
  66. Resident Evil: Extinction... of original ideas!
  67. Les Revenants (If it walks like a zombie and moans like a zombie...)
  68. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians - The very definition of "Christmas Turkey...
  69. Shatter Dead: it's not the brain, it's the soul!
  70. The Simpsons Movie... Puts the SPRING IN SPRINGFIELD!!!
  71. Sin City translates intact!!!
  72. Sisters of Death (One out of Six!)
  73. The Sisters of Mercy Live (03/18/06) in the Adrenochrome Heartland
  74. Sleepaway Camp... Can I switch Cabins, please?
  75. Slither - Follow the Worms!
  76. Species... "OH GOD!"
  77. Otogiriso (2001)... is No Ringu, but it's neat!
  78. FEARDOTCOM (2002) Oh, Bloody Hell! (Bad, Derivitive painful tripe!)
  79. Ringu is one of the best Horror Films in history!
  80. Sweeney Todd... ah, the old Pie IS the Face gag!
  81. Mieville's The Scar is a great novel! (Brother Kenumsi Reviews)
  82. THX 1138 (2004/1971) SURPRISE
  83. TMNT (It has "Turtle Power"!)
  84. Tomb Hackers... Invade it NOW!!!
  85. Triplettes de Belleville are crazy but interesting to Brother Kneumsi!
  86. U Turn... me on! (J. Lo. Nude!)
  87. Vampyros Lesbos... My friend is the Queen of the Night!
  88. The Village (2004) is getting weird!
  89. Peter Benchley's White Shark isn't what you think!
  90. The Wicker Man... Scary FOLKS in Broad Daylight!
  91. The Wicker Man... The HACKNEYED MAN!
  92. The Witch who Came from the SEA Is a Wet VIDEO NASTY!
  93. [Cache] (The Hidden STAY Hidden!)